"FREE FOR ALL ESCAPE", A re-writing of the scene by Pat Powers.

After a day of campaigning,Number 6 decided to relax by the beach. It was an extremely hot day. He was joined by his partner, Number 58. One of the people who keeps a close eye on Number 6 at the beach is the Village lifeguard and nemesis, Number 18. He protects the citizens who may swim too far and an expert scuba diver.Number 18 with his short butch hair, big white moustache, paunch and black and white swim trunks eyes Number 6. He tells him, "You are a fool for running for elected office. I hope you are defeated". Number 6 did not respond.

As 6 and 58 were making their way toward an empty cabana where six was going to change and go for a swim,he tells number 58 to obey the rules and we will take good care of you. In a short while Number 6 steps out of the cabana in his blazer, turtleneck and swim trunks to meet with 58. She gave him a smile but all of a sudden six became agitated pushing her in the sand and making a run for it. Six ran on to the beach followed by his supporters with placards saying Vote for Six. Six then spotted Number 18's power boat. Number 18 saw six jumping in. He hurried to the scene and jumped in. The pair made their boat ride. Number 18 tried to grab six from the controls and began fighting. 18 tried to grab the controls but a few miles out at sea they were about to head in the danger zone.

In his helicopter, Number 2 spotted the pair at sea. Grabbing his bullhorn he warned the pair of the grave danger they were in. Number 6 and 18 did not pay any attention. Number 2 was ashamed at both men as it seemed they were both escaping. 18 was dead against. The two continued fighting each other.

At the control room, the supervisor spotted what was happening with radar and a camera at sea. After getting the message from Number 2, it was decided to wake up Rover from his sleep under the sea.
Both the candidate and the lifeguard were already in the danger zone.Numbers 6 and 18 then saw the big white ball at sea. Number 18 warned 6...TURN BACK...TURN BACK. The boat could not turn as it made its way toward Rover. "GET OUT AND SWIM". Both men jumped off the boat.

Number 6 swam slowly while Number 18 swam as fast as he could so he could not be a victim of Rover. 18 began to slow down too. In the end the two men were caught in the end by the power of Rover in a light and water show like no other.

Number 18 and 6 were dragged back to shore. Number 6 delivered a speech in a stunned way in the return. Rover and the other balloons brought the pair back to shore on that hot afternoon. The Villagers gathered to a stunned silence. The two were then taken to hospital. Number 18 was out scout free but number 6 was interrogated.