"SNOW ESCAPE ", A short-story by Pat Powers.

The Village was greeted with a heavy coating of white on that winter's day. A big snowstorm has caused havoc in the quaint community. It was hard for the Villagers to get out of their cottages after the wrath of Mother Nature.As for Number 6, he woke and noticed the snow all over his surroundings that January morning.He was as he could be. Why? Well for starters the time was right for an escape!

Number 6 tried everything. From using a helicopter to the mini mokes to diving under the Village Sea. All of these attempts were thwarted by Rover. But now this was the perfect moment to plan to break free from The Village. Number 6 thought Rover would never get out of the Village Sea this time. It was frozen over! He knew he could do it and planned he did!

The mini moke taxis can not handle the snow and ice of The Village. Instead snowmobiles are used to patrol The Village and guard against those who try to escape during the winter. Number 6 left his cottage to examine the situation. "What a wonderful thought. My days in this place are about to end!",he said.
Number 6 went to the Village Forest. It was a beautiful winter's backdrop. Snow on the trees and the hills surrounding it.The forest was near the Eastern Perimeter. The Village Snowmobile Patrol were out doing their thing after the snowstorm. Number 6 decided to make a run for freedom. He ran to the one of the snowmobilers and grabbed him by the neck. A fight pursued between 6 and the operator. Number 6 pushed the operator of the snowmobile off and now, the moment Number 6 has long waited for....A Snowy Ride to Freedom!! NO MORE ROVER! I AM A FREE MAN!!

However, in the Supervisor's Control Room, the cameras watched every minute of the snowy struggle and watched Number 6's snowmobile ride to who knows where. Number 6 had a big grin as he made his break. The Supervisor said, "Not even the winter snow will make him a free man!". He then pressed a button. A cave where Rover hibernates for the winter opened up from an undisclosed location. Rover then emerged from the cave in search of Number 6!

Number 6 spotted something white several feet away as he made his wintry exit from the Village. He thought it was someone made a giant bottom of a snowman. In the end he was wrong. Because that giant snowman bottom was ROVER!! Number 6 thought for sure he was going to be a free man thanks to the wintry weather but he was wrong. The snowmobile was heading in the direction of Rover. Number 6 jumped off and tried to fight his foe. In the end Rover smothered 6 again! The ambulance from the hospital rushed through the Village Forest and found 6 lying in the snow with Rover near him. Rover returned to its winter cave. The Supervisor watched the circumstances with a smile on his face from his headquarters.
After a night in the hospital 6 returned to his cottage. It was still cold out there and more snow was already coming down. Number 6 sat watching the snow flakes and pondered in the end..."There Is Snow Escape From The Village"!