"CHECKMATE: THE UNTOLD ENDING", A continuation of the episode, by Pat Powers.

As Rover was shepherds the Polotska back to shore, Number 6 felt he was defeated. He decides to go to the lower level of the Polotska to see if there was any clue of how he can still escape. He discovers a storage room in the ship. Number 6 opens the door and he makes a discovery. It was diving gear. A mask, air tank, swim fins and swimming trunks. This was his chance to escape before the Polotska made it back to shore in an hours time.
Number 6 quickly makes his change. His trousers,blazer, shoes and socks quickly come off only leaving his black turtleneck and swimming trunks on. The weather was warm that night as Rover was bringing back the Polotska.
Number 6 climbs up the stairs.With an air tank on his back turtleneck and fins in his hands preparing to put them on his bare feet, Rover continued with its roar,bouncing up along the side of the ship. Six reaches the front of the Polotska preparing to put on his fins and mask for his dive to freedom. That is until a face appears on another T.V. screen. It was number 2. "So you thought you won this little game" says 2". Number 6 replied," And who would have thought that I succeeded". Number 2 tells Number 6, "As you prepare for your dive, you are about to make a mistake". But 6 brushes off 2 by saying "My mistake was being your pawn. Be seeing you". And so Number 6 dons his swim mask, air hose and puts on his fins for his escape into the deep blue sea.
Number 2 turns on his giant screen with a picture of the underwater. He again summons more Rover balls to track down 6 at sea.
Number 6 was far away from the Polotska as he was underwater making his getaway. But for number 6, he began to feel a little bit dizzy. The air in the tank was getting low and he struggled for a bit. He swam towards the surface. Number 6 reached the surface thankful he was alive but not far off was his enemy. 6 continued on swimming as fast as he could to avoid Rovers 2,3 and 4. But the Rovers were hard to stop. 6 turned around. Still swimming at breakneck speed he was beginning to get tired. 6 looked back again. With his diving mask on top of his head, he opened his mouth yelling NO as one of the Rovers caught up with him with its menacing lion's roar.
Six was forced underwater again and nearly suffocated in a blaze of color and light. The Rover balloons brought back Number 6 back to shore at the same time the Polotska was returning to the Village dock. Number 6 repeated over and over again "I am the pawn...I am the pawn". As they reached the beach, Six tried to rise up but was too weak after his time at sea. The ambulance arrived with the medics taking off his air tank and fins leaving only his swim mask, turtleneck and swimming trunks. He was whisked off to the hospital for questioning on why he commandeered the Polatska and made a brave but failed attempt at scuba diving to freedom.