"ROVER RULES ", By Pat Powers.

From out of the depths of the big blue sea
Comes Rover, Number 6's arch enemy

This is one balloon you don't fool around, that's Rover
He can out swim you, and hunt you down all over!

Rover is the guardian of the village and keeps a close eye
The residents know that this sphere is one thing you can't defy.

Let me tell you the story of that fateful summer's day
In the village, Number Six was making an underwater getaway.

The weather was unbearably hot and Number Six made a run for the beach
He's wearing a mask, swim trunks, fins, and two air tanks each.

Number Six makes his brave underwater swim
However his chances of freedom are remotely slim.

For on the supervisors radar chamber numer six has been detected
And the fate of him has now been selected,

Rover begins it's charge and now is up to its old tricks
Because it's on its way to teach a lesson for number six.

Number six notices something white coming right at him.
He knows that his underwater escape plans are about to be dim.

His eyes are wide open,he knew it was now too late.
For this time Rover again captured number six as scuba diver bait!

Number six is brought back to the surface with rover and two companion balloons
Thus ending his bid for freedom on a hot summer afternoon.

From the time of Number Six's capture, Rover made it's sound of a Lion's Roar
on a continuous basis until they finally reached the Village's shore.

After his return by Rover he's awakened in defeat.
Number Six's only left wearing his swim trunks and walks to shore in his bare feet.

A tired and sunburned looking number 6 looks on as Rover returns back to the deep blue sea floor
But he knows there will come a day that he can win his freedom for that is something that's in store.